We’re Hiring!

We’re Hiring!

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The EMHC is launching a community health leadership program and is hiring for multiple part-time positions to support that work. As work hours are flexible, these opportunities would likely be great fits for post-secondary students or someone working part-time who is looking to earn extra income. These opportunities were made possible because of the generous support of the Edmonton Community Foundation.

About the EMHC

The EMHC is a grassroots health organization run by and for gay, bisexual, trans, queer, and two-spirit (GBTQ2S+) men and masculine identifying folk. The EMHC’s vision is for all GBTQ2S+ men to have equitable opportunity to experience positive health and well-being. We achieve this through community education, capacity-building, and support; provider training; and community-based research.

About the Program

The EMHC will be running a community-health leadership program which includes three different streams: community-based research, community health advocacy, and program design and implementation. Participants of all streams will have an opportunity to build connections with their peers, improve their knowledge about GBTQ2S+ men’s health, learn practical skills relevant to their stream, and then apply their new knowledge and skills through the development and implementation of community health projects. A rough program timeline is as follows:

November: Training in Vancouver (Coordinators and Community Trainee only)

December-January: Program Planning/Adaptation

February-March: Core Program Delivery

April-July: Community Project Development

August-November: Community Project Implementation

Commitment to Representation

The programming delivered through the EMHC’s community-health leadership programming will centre the experiences of GBTQ2S+ men and masculine identifying folks. Because of this, we strongly encourage individuals who belong to this community to apply. The EMHC is also committed to “true representation,” meaning that the organization – inclusive of its board, membership, and contractors, is reflective of the diverse community it serves. Therefore, we strongly encourage GBTQ2S+ individuals who also belong to the following communities to apply:

People who belong to racialized communities

Indigenous and two-spirit individuals

People with disabilities


Trans, non-binary, and gender-diverse individuals

People who are living with HIV

We encourage you to share about your relationship to the community(ies) the EMHC serves in your cover letter.

How to Apply

Please send one resume/CV and cover letter. In your cover letter, please indicate which position(s) you are applying for. You may wish to apply for one position or all four if you have the desired experience and core competencies. If you are applying for a coordinator position, please advise which stream you are interested in applying for. Please note that for the contract Writer position, a sample of writing is required.

All resumes and cover letters can be addressed to the EMHC Community Health Leadership Team and should be sent to contact@yegmenshealth.ca.


Applications must be submitted by no later than Wednesday, October 3rd at 11:59pm (MDT).

About the Positions

Program Coordinators (2 Positions)

1 Community-Based Research Program Coordinator

1 Community Health Advocacy Program Coordinator


We are hiring two program coordinators – one to lead the community-based research stream and another to lead the community health advocacy stream of the program. Coordinators will be responsible for program planning and coordination; education and training facilitation; and supporting program participants through community health project development and implementation. Coordinators will receive support from the EMHC board, its health team members, and the organization’s partners. Additional context for job responsibilities can be found below throughout the desired experience and core competencies section.

Term and Compensation

Contracts will be for one year, from November 2018 to October 2019. Contracts are based on an average of 5 hours per week at approximately $25/hr. It should be noted that work hours are flexible and that 5 hours per week is an average. Coordinators may be required to work more (or less) at different points of the program depending on program needs.

Desired Experience/Competencies (General)

Public Speaking & Facilitation: The successful candidate will be required to facilitate a series of education, training, and group-work sessions with a group of approximately 12 community members. Previous experience facilitating similar sessions will be an asset.

Network & Relationship Building: The successful candidate will be required to establish and maintain relationships with key partners (academic, community-based organizations, etc.). Previous experience developing and maintaining relationships with a diverse network of stakeholders will be an asset.

Program Planning & Coordination: Both community health leadership streams are based on existing programs. The successful candidate will be required to support the adaptation of the program to the Edmonton context and then plan and coordinate program implementation. Experience in program adaptation, planning, and coordination will be an asset.

Time Management: Although the position is based on an average of 5 hours per week, different periods of the contract will require more or less hours, depending on needs. The successful candidate will enjoy a great deal of flexibility but must be able to manage their time so that they are able to complete required activities on a timeline agreed upon by the candidate and their supervisor. Experience working similar contracts (or as a self-employed consultant) will be an asset.

Conflict Resolution: We are all human. And where there are humans, there will be conflict. At some point throughout the program, conflict will emerge – between participants, between participants and coordinators/facilitators, and between coordinators/facilitators and community partners. The successful candidate should identify opportunities for conflict and address them before they emerge. When conflict does emerge, the successful candidate must demonstrate the ability to address it in an effective and sensitive matter so that all parties feel supported and are able to move forward in relationship with one another.

Strategic Thinking: The last component of the EMHC’s community health leadership programming involves participants applying their learnings through the design and implementation of community health projects. The successful candidate will be responsible for helping to identify linkages between different projects, where they are best positioned in the community, and how to leverage existing partnerships and financial resources for successful implementation and maximum impact.

Equity: Some sexual and gender minority individuals also experience additional intersecting identities which can result in increased experiences of stigma and discrimination. In turn, this can result in some individuals facing additional barriers to health and wellbeing, as well as barriers to participation in programs such as the EMHC’s community health leadership programming. The successful candidate should have a working knowledge of the concepts of equity, intersectionality, and anti-oppression and be able to apply them in a way that benefits the experience of all program participants. Demonstrated experience applying these principles will be an asset.

Content Knowledge: EMHC community health leadership programming is rooted in GBTQ2S+ men’s/queer-masculine health. Therefore, some knowledge of the health issues (and underlying social context) facing sexual and gender minority populations, specifically GBTQ2S+ men would be an asset.

Desired Experience/Competencies (Community Health Advocacy Stream):

Hands-on experience leading or supporting community health advocacy initiatives is an asset.

Demonstrated experience in community organizing is an asset.

This stream will teach practical skills in the areas of policy advocacy, web and social media advocacy, and media relations. Demonstrated experience and knowledge in any of these areas will be considered an asset.

Desired Experience/Competencies (Community-Based Research Stream):

The successful candidate should be familiar with community-based research principles.

The successful candidate should have demonstrated experience designing, delivering, and analyzing research projects.

The successful candidate should have working knowledge of data storage and analysis software such as SPSS or SAS.

Additional Notes:

Recognizing that there will likely be more candidates than positions, please advise if you are interested in being considered for the “Community Trainee” position below.

Successful candidates will be required to travel to Vancouver (flight, accommodation, and meals covered) from Nov. 7th through Nov. 11th 2018.

While hours are flexible, core program delivery will likely occur in February and/or March of 2019, meaning that successful candidates would need to be in Edmonton and available for these months.

To support these programs, through our partnership with the Community Based Research Centre (CBRC), we will also be hiring individuals for the following positions:

Community Trainee (1 Position)


The Community Trainee will support the Community Health Advocacy and Community-Based Research Stream coordinators in the planning and implementation of the EMHC’s Community Health Leadership Programming. This includes support for program planning and coordination, participant recruitment, and education and training facilitation. The Community Trainee will also work with CBRC staff to ensure the CBRC’s goals and objectives are met through program implementation.

The desired experience/competencies are the same for the Community Trainee(s) as listed above for program coordinators. However, less experience is required for someone in the Community Trainee position. Therefore, this is a great opportunity for an individual who is interested in getting involved in GBTQ2S+ men’s health but is lacking in experience. If you are interested in applying for this position, please ensure you discuss how this opportunity will benefit you and your desired career/volunteer/education trajectory.

Term and Compensation:

This position is based on 5-7 hours per week (flexible) at approximately $20/hr. The position’s term will end on March 31, 2018.

Additional Notes:

Note: Depending on interests and skills of interested candidates we may hire two community trainees – one to support each program

Note: The successful candidate must be available to travel to Vancouver (flight and accommodation covered) from Nov. 7th through Nov. 11th, 2018.

Note: While hours are flexible, core program delivery will likely occur in February and/or March of 2019, meaning that successful candidates would need to be in Edmonton and available for these months.

Content Writer (1 Position)


The Community-Based Research Centre is hiring a content writer to support the development of education materials for its community health advocacy stream. Specific content areas include:

Media Relations

Policy Advocacy

The writer will work with CBRC staff to develop two slide-decks (one for each topic above), which are participant facing, accompanied by a reference document and facilitator-facing notes. These slide decks will be used for ~90 minute instructional presentations during program education and training facilitation and are intended to provide participants with a foundational understanding of media relations and policy advocacy as important facets of community health advocacy. These learnings will be reinforced and supported through interactive activities, the support of community mentors with experience in these areas, as well as the development and implementation of projects which apply these skills.

The writer will be provided with background resources to use and will also have access to CBRC knowledge and expertise to support development. However, the successful candidate should have some working knowledge/experience in the areas of media relations and/or policy advocacy. Unlike the positions described above, this individual does not have to be located in Edmonton.

If you are interested in applying for this opportunity, please include an attached sample writing piece (or pieces). Pieces that would be most useful would be:

A similar output demonstrating your ability to present knowledge in the format/output requested

A different format/output (i.e. blog post, etc) which demonstrates your ability to effectively engage with the topic areas required

Compensation and Term:

This opportunity is a flexible position, based on approximately $25/hr for approximately 50 hours. A draft of content must be presented by no later than Nov. 5th, 2018.

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