Totally Outright! A Health Empowerment Leadership Program

Totally Outright! A Health Empowerment Leadership Program

Are you interested in getting involved? Meeting other like minded queer folks? Learning and developing the skills to make queer programming from start to finish here in Edmonton? Then we’ve got the program for you!

Totally Outright is a course that focuses on program design and implementation. Taking you through all the steps needed to successfully launch your queer/trans initiative and keep it sustainable.

Here are some of the rad projects our former participants are currently involved with:

  • The Gay Agenda: efforts in collaboration with different groups to centralize information on LGBTQ2S+ resources in the city in a more accessible way
  • Queer Fitness: initiative in collaboration with Queerflex to bring about queer and trans accessible fitness options in Edmonton

Participants from Totally Outright 2018

You may have heard of T.O. in the past, and that’s because it’s out fourth year here in Edmonton! We will be changing our structure a bit, and are now part of the larger H.E.L.P: A Health Empowerment Leadership Program. This larger weekend, happening March 23 and 24, will teach participants some health foundation skills, before participants move into different streams of action in follow up weekends: Totally Outright, Pivot, or Investigaytors.

With this new structure, we also have some great new changes. This year, we are specifically focusing on the skills you would need to develop programs or services focused on community. The idea is that you’ll leave Totally Outright ready and able to develop your own rad program for the community you love working with!

This is Brandon Lansall, he is our fabulous Trainee working with us for Totally Outright

Why is this program important:

Brandon: This program was my first  major introduction to the community here in Edmonton. It offered me the chance to get involved in community work, and learn more about our community. Totally Outright provided me with a network of community members and agencies

Thomas: Totally Outright was the first thing I did after moving to Edmonton. It gave me the skills to get more involved with community, local organizations, and mostly it helped me meet some amazing friends. It really was the first step for me to get involved here in Edmonton and start working in the field of queer health

This is Thomas Trombetta! Thomas is coordinating Totally Outright this year with Brandon. Photo by Liam Mackenzie

We asked some of our previous Totally Outright participants about what they liked about the program, here is what they had to say!

Bradley: The collaborative efforts and impact we were making on the community. It was nice to be a part of something that’s actually trying to create a positive change among queer men

Eman: Working with other queers towards a common goal, planning the TO project, collaborating with other organizations

Did your training in Totally Outright prepare you well in working on your community project?  

Brandon: Absolutely! T.O taught me capacity building and accountability to the community. This really helped guide us in our action projects.

Bradley: Yes! T.O. provided me with so much knowledge on queer men’s health that helped direct our community project’s actions and motivations where needed most. The knowledge gained helped us determine an area that needed improvement (queer men’s social health), and we used that knowledge to determine our course of action.

What are some useful things that future TO participants should know before starting their community project?

Thomas: This is your chance to really get creative! Think about something you always wanted to see come to reality but you never really had a chance to implement

Bradley: Really take a look around your local community to see what’s missing. There are certain problems that all queer men face, but by identifying what impacts those immediately around you first you can work on solutions that hit home


Any last words to those who are thinking about signing up?

Bradley: Have fun doing it! T.O. is a great opportunity to meet other queer men and learn more about your community!

Brandon: Totally Outright has the potential to really help you grow as a person, to meet new like minded queer folks, and really get engaged in community and community work!

Again, we will first meet with all of the three streams at the Health Empowerment Leadership Program for a health foundation weekend, and again on the follow up weekend of March 30, 31st. On the second weekend, we will be meeting specifically as the Totally Outright stream.

So, if you are passionate about community organizing and programming focusing on program design and delivery, join us at Totally Outright by clicking on the link below! We can’t wait to meet you.

If you have any questions, please email thomas.t@hivedmonton.com or brandon.lansall@gmail.com