LGBTQ Fitness Program Relaunch

LGBTQ Fitness Program Relaunch


With the EMHC program, there is a real, live, professional human being that knows how to do this stuff and is happy and excited to help; to adjust exercises to fit people’s levels and abilities and talk to each of us to make sure we are exercising safely and comfortably. That is not something I have ever had the luxury of experiencing. There are so many things in life that the LGBTQ+ people I know worry about. To have such a major aspect – physical wellness – be taken care of so completely, is a huge relief.

The EMHC is relaunching our LGBTQ Fitness Program on Thursday, September 14th at 7pm. To help you learn more about the program, we’ve broken it down into a simple “Who/What/When/Where/Why” below!



The LGBTQ Fitness Program is run by the EMHC, in collaboration with Blitz Conditioning, a locally-owned, community-centred fitness company, which values innovation and inclusivity.

The LGBTQ Fitness Program is run for… ALL LGBTQ folk!

That’s right! Even though the EMHC primarily focuses on queer-masculine health, this program is for all LGBTQ community members.

And although we recognize that one of the most important elements of this program is providing a safe and inclusive fitness space for our trans and non-binary community members, the program (once again) is open to ALL members of our community!


The LGBTQ Fitness Program provides three group fitness sessions per week. Sessions are held in a space where participants can access whatever change room they feel comfortable using, helping to overcome some of the barriers LGBTQ people experience in accessing traditional fitness spaces. Sessions are led by a fitness instructor who both identifies as a part of the LGBTQ community and also has special knowledge and skills relevant to training trans and non-binary individuals.

Sessions are free-of-charge (although a donation box is available for those who are able to contribute).

And although we recommend consistency, as that will provide you with the best results, there is no need to come every session. Community members can drop in as often as they want. 

Doctors, therapists, friends, family, and strangers all like to suggest, ‘Well, have you tried exercising?’ as a way to combat mental illness. And for me, exercising is something that does genuinely help to make me feel better. But cost, time commitments, intimidation, fear and anxiety about other patrons and change rooms are all more than enough to make me say, ‘Well, maybe not.’ With the EMHC program, I have felt genuine comfort and safety and have been able to receive personal feedback and assistance to ensure that I am properly exercising my body. It’s exciting and positive!


The program will run from September through February at the following days/times:

Mondays at 8pm-9pm

Thursdays at 7pm-8pm

Saturdays at 4pm-5pm

The first session will happen on Thursday, September 14th at 7pm. 


The LGBTQ Fitness Program, unless otherwise specified will be occuring at Blitz Conditioning, which is located at 10575 115 Street NW.

In the three weeks of the Beta program, I have lost eight pounds, I feel physically stronger, and I’m motivated to keep going! Before starting the program, I was in a state of depression. But since starting, my mood has greatly improved!


Physical Fitness is key to a person’s overall health. And we don’t think your sexual orientation, gender identity, or the size of your wallet should impact your ability to experience positive health and well-being.

We look forward to a day when all LGBTQ folk can access all fitness spaces without concern for their safety or comfort. We are working on initiatives with key partners to help make this happen (more on that soon). But until it does, we think it’s important to ensure that all members of our community have access to safe, inclusive, and affordable fitness opportunities. So that’s what we’re doing!

Hope to see you there!

Want to help us keep this free-of-charge for community members? Consider donating below:

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