Body Talk

Body Talk

Body Talk Pt. 1 – Body Image & the Media


Feel the pressure to achieve that coveted “Pride Body”? Look no further! Pt. 1 of our Pride series “Body Talk” looks at how the media impacts the way we see our bodies – and each other’s bodies! Featuring local GBTQ guys! Watch it. Share it. Love YOUR body!  #ProudBodiesNotPrideBodies


Body Talk Pt. 2 – Body Image & Behaviour

At the EMHC, we  #ProudBodies not #PrideBodies! Check out Pt. 2 of our “Body Talk” series: “Body Image & Behaviour” where #YEG GBTQ guys talk about things they’ve done to maintain or change their bodies & some of the motivations – healthy & unhealthy – behind that. Watch it! Then go say something nice to yourself in the mirror!


Body Talk Pt. 3 – What Do You Like About Your Body?

Pt. 3 of our Body Image Series shifts the conversation by asking our participants what they LIKE about their bodies. They also reflect on what we as individuals and as a community can do to foster a healthier body image. Check it out!

Body Talk Pt. 4 – My Experience with Eating Disorders

Photo Credit: Katie Cutting – Lazy Kitten Productions

The images that I was offered for what people like me should look like were not me. So then what do I do? There’s only so much I can do to shape my appearance. So, not eating became a way to control this.

The EMHC sits down with one of its own to talk about their experience with eating disorders and why we as a community need to start talking about it!


Need Support?

Are you looking for services? If so check out: Eating Disorder Support Network of Alberta (EDSNA)Alberta Health Services Eating Disorder Program, or Anorexics and Bulimics Anonymous